Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Organizations that make the game of Basketball World-Wide

  Basketball, a sport where joy happens. It is a game of leaders, warriors and geniuses. One of the parts that make Basketball great is the organization called the NBA. It stands for National Basketball Association. There might be maybe one person in the entire world that might now know what the NBA is. It makes lots of commercials, support and distribution of itself all around the world. The stadiums, stores, globalNBA, jerseys, shoes, tv shows, it is amazing how you could be focusing any of these areas. While athletes play basketball, the NBA wants to make it show like a "Show".  Also they make huge stadiums and huge places like food court, bar, tv lounges for you to watch the game and have fun. For example, the stadiums, personally I love watching NBA games at the stadiums. My favorite stadium is the TD garden, home for the Boston Celtics. Here is the 3 things about what I like and don't like about the Organizations that make the game of Basketball World-Wide

Good Facts:
It's fun
The food
Stadium Atmosphere

Bad Facts:
Drinking and driving after the games
Athlete's fight

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More Than a Passion, Basketball

                                      More Than a Passion, Basketball

Basketball is a big passion for me where i sacrifice a lot of energy and work. It is a great way to focus and develop and understand the game of basketball. It made me learn lots of things such as what will it take to win, or how yo
u've got to understand and amplify it in your own way. It is so much fun to watch and see what is going on with the game of basketball. Every year, the game of basketball is changing. The players who are changing it put lots of work on this game of basketball. It measures your capability and ability to do many things such as work ethic, sacrifice, focusing. It improves your personality. 
For example,  Jimmy Butler,Jimmy Butler is a NBA player who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls. He has an inspiring story. He was a homeless boy who was kicked out from his house by her mom at the age of 13. After he was adopted by one of his best friend's family, he held on to life and starting working to be away from the streets and focus on his school work and basketball. He sacrificed lots of things in order to achieve his goals. He knows what will it take to actually win. In our world, not a lot of people know how many sacrifices should you make in order to achieve your goals. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. Like Jimmy, he is a great role model and a mentor. The legend, Michael Jordan says"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.". This quote explains everything.